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Did you ever have the feeling, a kind of intuitive knowledge that things weren't quite right - that not everything was quite as it appeared to be?

Let me give you a bit of background first;

Tellman Knudson (pronounced ka-nood-sun) is a resident of Brattleboro, Vermont who claims to be a master hypnotist and NLP practitioner with 5 NLP (neuro-linquistic programming) and hypnotherapy clinics in the New England area.

He lays claim to having become wildly successful online - to the tune of making over a million dollars from his online business.

But is everything TRULY as it seems?

I didn't think so, and have spent hours investigating, searching the internet, making calls, interviewing people that he knows, and has worked with him, but found so little, that my curiosity grew and grew as time went on.

How is it, in this day and age of extremely public information being available with the click of just a couple of keystrokes, that I couldn't find out ANYTHING about Mr. Knudson.
What was he hiding, how was he able to pull a curtain over his life and literally make himself and his past INVISIBLE to even the most intense scrutiny.

Friends that knew what I was doing said that I was becoming obsessed, that I had a 'axe to grind', that I was literally out of my mind and going over the edge with this whole investigation thing - but I knew that there was something that I could find if I looked hard enough, in the right places.

And then it happened....

I was sitting at my computer, running some facial recognition software on an intensive internet search protocol, when the unthinkable happened, and everything began to fall into place.

I was right. I had found the proof - well actually my 4 year old son did - and he yelled out to me, "Daddy, Tellman Knudson is on TV!"

I literally RAN into the next room to see - an FBI report, America's Most Wanted? No, it was Tellman working his 'day job' - one that he evidentially didn't want anyone to know about, and for good reason.

Why would a supposed multi-millionaire, someone purportedly at the very top of several professions have to stoop to this?

I was literally dumbfounded. I mean, I had expected the worst, but this? And to top it off, it was discovered completely by accident, one of those cases of being in the right place at EXACTLY the right time.

Now I had cold hard proof - and I present it to you, actually I DELIGHT in presenting it to you so that you won't ever be hooked by people like this again.......

Millionaire or Hourly Employee - Hypnotist or ???? - you decide for yourself.

The first picture (on the left) is Tellman Knudson giving a presentation. The second picture speaks for itself.

For those of you without young children, and unfamiliar with the setting, it's Tellman in his day job - his REAL job as the co-host of the extremely popular childrens TV program, the Upside-Down Show.

Is it a long lost twin brother, a clone of Tellman himself, or is there a dirty secret that he's been hiding from us all, for the longest time, a secret that would expose him for what he really is......
Now the TV show lists his name as Shane Dundas, but I think that we all would like to know exactly what his real name is - Shane or Tellman!
BTW - the show's been cancelled, so no telling what he'll do now.

UPDATE - Sitings of Tellman Knudson are POURING in from all over the globe, some even causing us to question Tellman's ethnic background. (yep! we've had a Asian Tellman report and one from Turkey!)

If you've seen Tellman in YOUR city, or any of the top marketers listed below, (or a reasonable facsimile <grin>) be SURE to email a picture - with your name, URL of your business, and the city that the IM celebrity was spotted in & we'll get them posted........

Charlie Page, Ed Zivkovic, Paul Colligan, Neil Shearing, Gary Halbert, Allan Gardyne, Dr Mani, Jay Abraham , Dr. Ralph Wilson, Alex Mandossian, John Carlton, Joe Vitale, Shelley Lowery, Marc Goldman, David Vallieres , Rosalind Gardner, Jim Edwards , Bryan Winters, Terry Dean & Kirt Christensen, Mike Merz, Lynn Terry, Jason Potash, Willie Crawford, Yanik Silver, Dan Kennedy, Michel Fortin, Marlon Sanders, Brian Keith Voiles, Armand Morin, Mark Hendricks, Jim Daniels, Ken Evoy, Dan Lok, Kevin Wilke & Matt Gill (Nitro Marketing), Alexandria K. Brown, Michael Green, Harvey Segal, Derek Gehl, Jimmy D Brown, Jeff Mulligan, Phil Wiley, Markus Allen, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Perry Marshall, Jonathan Mizel, John Reese, Michael Wong, Dr Kevin Nunley, Larry Dotson, Mark Joyner, Howie Schwartz, Liz Tomey, Steve Johns, Doug Champigny, Teri Champigny, Michael Lee, Jason James, Cody Moya, Joel Christopher et al....

Recommended Resources:
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